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AS OF JUNE 1ST 2019:

  • All our pilots hold certificates for ADVANCED OPERATIONS in CONTROLLED AIRSPACE and for NIGHT OPERATIONS.
  • All our drones are certified for OPERATIONS NEAR PEOPLE (minimum 16.4ft/5m lateral distance).
  • We now own and operate specialized drones that are certified for OPERATIONS OVER PEOPLE.


  • The safety perimeter is a buffer area of at least 16.4ft around the UAV required by Transport Canada, away from any traffic or persons not directly associated with the operation.
  • We are only permitted to stop traffic from entering the safety perimeter temporarily, to give us time to land our UAV (and give way to traffic). This is only possible in low traffic areas, unless street occupancy permits are obtained and within budget.
  • For operations over people, we are still required to operate from private property.